Ericka Beckman

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Past Exhibitions

 2732: Ericka Beckman: Switch Center - March 11 - May 13, 2017
Cherry and Martin is proud to present Ericka Beckman’s 2002 film, “Switch Center.” Shot on location in Budapest, in a former Soviet-era water purification plant, Ericka Beckman’s “Switch Center” uses color, sound and movement to examine cultural signs and subjectivity, particularly with regard to labor, leisure and gender. Read more »

FIAC: Ericka Beckman — October 20-23, 2016
At FIAC, Cherry and Martin is pleased to present Ericka Beckman’s video installation, “Hit and Run” (1977). This installation, and many of the early drawings that will accompany it, have not previously been seen in Europe. Read more »

Ericka Beckman: Cinderella — January 9 - March 12, 2016
Cherry and Martin is proud to present the first US exhibition of Ericka Beckman’s film-sculpture installation, Cinderella (1986). This is the first time in America the film Cinderella has been seen in context with its original props. The exhibition will also include drawings and photographs that relate to Cinderella, exploring the visual discourse of Beckman’s landmark piece, a foundational work in the history of 80s moving image art. Read more »

Ericka Beckman: Boundary Figures - April 19th - May 24th, 2014
Cherry and Martin is please to present Ericka Beckman's "Boundary Figures" (1989) Read More >>