Amanda Ross-Ho
Nothin Fuckin Matters

February 17 - March 24, 2007

“WE CAN'T GET ENOUGH, BECAUSE THERE'S TOO MUCH," states Amanda Ross-Ho. Using images pulled from a wide range of cultural material—drug-seizure websites and self-help books, newspaper clippings and holiday craft manuals—Amanda Ross-Ho locates sites within culture’s representational flow, carving out designated points of focus. Recognizing that contemporary culture moves not as a linear narrative, but rather as a string of analogies, Ross-Ho proposes intersections between seemingly unrelated images and objects.

Ross-Ho presents her images and objects not only on the floor and walls, but also on armatures of her own making. These armatures, built from sheet rock, wood and latex paint, enlist the architecture of the gallery space itself as yet another point of 'intersection.' Ross-Ho’s sculptural, photographic and installation-based works create new spaces within the limitations of the gallery. They attend to economies of presentation within culture at large and demand careful consideration from the viewer of sites within which ‘work’ is presented.

Amanda Ross-Ho received her MFA from the University of Southern California. Her work was the subject of a recent solo exhibition at Western Exhibitions in Chicago and has recently been included in such exhibitions as Dice Thrown (Will Never Annul Chance) at Bellwether, New York, 666 at the USC Roski Gallery, Los Angeles. and Platform China in Beijing. Amanda Ross-Ho’s work will be featured the upcoming group exhibitions, Obscene Soft Sounds, at Wallspace Gallery, New York, and, Photography, at AR Contemporary in Milan.