Pat O'Neill: Another Kind of Record

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Pat O'Neill: Another Kind of Record


Pat O'Neill is a founding father of the Los Angeles avant-garde film scene, an influential professor in the CalArts film program and an optical effects pioneer best known for numerous experimental films including Let's Make a Sandwich (1982), Water and Power (1989), Trouble in the Image (1996) and The Decay of Fiction (2002). His first artist's book, Another Kind of Record, is a selection of the dozens of the collage-drawings, found texts and digital composite prints he has gathered and altered over the last several years. Intersecting his own elaborate pencil drawings with graphic and textual fragments of bygone print media (educational illustrations, advertising, reference charts, sheet music), this recent work occupies a fantastical terrain somewhere between the collages of Bruce Conner and the drawings of Raymond Pettibon. As a whole, the collection functions as both an artist's book and an abstract supplement to O'Neill's remarkable oeuvre.

96 pages, 8 x 10 inches

Published by The Ice Plant, Los Angeles, CA, 2008.

ISBN: 978-0-9776481-5-3