3 Dietary Supplements For Effective BodyBuilding

While there are a great many who know moderate and advanced techniques of supplement, an equal number forgo the basics. When you first decide to begin bodybuilding, it is important to know what essentials are needed for results. Just like with any athletic hobby, it takes knowing what should work, and then tailoring it to one’s specific needs.

While personal physiology and nutrition may vary, the human body does rely on specific needs. To ignore those needs or to assume that you already know them, can mean mismanaging your workouts and general health. So here are some basic essentials of supplementation that everyone should know.

Water (H2O)

Everyone knows water is necessary for survival. However, some seem to underestimate how it helps for bodybuilding. Quite often, people associate heavy water intake with cardiovascular sporting.

While it is true that marathon runners and track and field stars need large amounts of water, bodybuilders need just as much when training. The difference is why the bodybuilder needs the basic compound. As a bodybuilder, you require a heavy amount of protein, carbohydrates, and nutrients to gain muscle mass and burn away unnecessary fat.

The way that these macronutrients are utilized is by being carried throughout the body to the specific areas where they are required. It should not be too difficult to guess how these nutrients and macronutrients are transported through water. If the body is dehydrated, the needs of the body are not met at their optimum level. When this happens, the body suffers.

This is most aesthetically notable in muscle development. A body that is not properly hydrated will not gain muscle as well as one that is.


Nitrogen- Element of Mendeleev Periodic table magnified with magnifying glass

For quite a long time, it was considered that muscle development had more to do with hydration and protein. In recent years, nutritionists have found that nitrogen levels must maintain a positive level in order for one to experience positive muscle growth. While both items are obviously important for the development, some were still not developing as well as others.

What was discovered was that those who suffered from a lack of nitrogen were not able to develop as well as those who did. Why is this discovery important?

Certain foods do not help with nitrogen intake, while other foods do. Meats are especially useful for keeping a positive nitrogen balance. Now, there is an obvious and positive correlation between the consumption of meat and bodybuilding. If you happen to be a vegan, do look for soybeans, walnuts that contain nitric oxide.

Over-the-Counter Supplements

There is nothing that will replace a good base diet. Over-the-counter supplements can be a useful second layer of nutrition. The most important thing to remember is that more is not always better.

Vitamins and minerals are good to put into the body. A quality multi-vitamin will do the trick nicely. Nitrogen and amino acids are also essential to the body’s proper development.

Make sure that you are not worrying too much about extensive compounds and “magic bullet” mixtures. Consult a nutritionist or physician when considering supplements that are more intensive. Do not assume that the person selling you the product knows what they are talking about.

In summary, bodybuilding causes your body to demand heavy amounts of supplements. Vitamins, minerals, creatin (natural compound), fatty acids, amino acids, and plenty of water are what you need. Many of this can be found in foods, but they can also be supplemented by over-the-counter products.