3 Easy Ways to Build Your Muscles

Have you ever envied people with good biceps and muscles? This is one thing that we always admire and wish that we could have it as well. Having that hopeless emotion is understandable if you have been doing all the work-outs and visiting the gym frequently yet have not seen any changes.

If going to the gym does not fulfill your hope of building your muscles, then you probably are missing out on some things. It is not enough that you do the work-outs and lift those weights. Building your muscles involve a lot of self-discipline and the great desire to accomplish your goal. Read on and you will learn the 3 simple steps to build your muscles.

Bear in mind that your objective is to motivate your muscles to get larger with resistance. After every weightlifting sessions, you need to let your muscles repair themselves by proper nutrition and rest. Do not overwork them as this will not give you the muscles that you long for. Repeat this procedure 3 to 4 times in a week. Muscles need to rest every 72 hours for them to be able to do upper body workouts as well as lower body workouts twice in a week.

A balanced meal must be observed 5-7 times per day consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats

Food intake must be 15 to 18 times of your present body weight. Your total food consumption must comprise of 45% carbohydrates which give energy, 35% proteins, the principal makers of the body’s cellular structures and 20% fat. Your food intake should be a combination of 50% solid food and 50% liquids.

Stretching must be included in your training

This is very important as stretching aids in refurbishing the tissues to its normal extent. Muscles tend to condense brought about by regular training making it be sluggish. Thus, it ends up having an elevated occurrence of injuries. In order to minimize the occurrence of injuries, you must neutralize the muscle tissues from their reduction by doing stretching exercises 2 hours before starting to lift weights.

Do not take any supplements unless they have been in the market for more than 3 years

Do not just believe the manufacturers’ claims regarding their supplements. The only supplements which you need to take our good quality multi-vitamins, fish oil capsules, powdered creatine, and protein powder. These supplements will guarantee to give you what you need for your health, to have a good body physique, power, and muscle size.

In building muscles, much self-discipline is needed for workouts and diet. In order for you to attain your objectives, you need to get attuned to your body and give it the necessary care. It is not just enough to lift weights and wait for your body to react. Indeed, building one’s muscles do not just consist of lifting weights. It must be done by incorporating the above four steps to achieve your target muscle expanse.