4 Super Foods for Active Men In BodyBuilding

Nutrition is an indispensable part of any athlete or sporting hobbyist. For bodybuilders, nutrition is ever more important as the body itself is the canvas of the sport. The body can only be as good as what one puts into it, hence the use of “super foods” is an idea any bodybuilder can get on board with.

Even if you are not looking to be competitive in the sport, having a super physique sounds like an attractive proposition. There are a handful of super foods, and each is versatile as it is delicious.


Every inner-child may squirm and wince at the idea of broccoli being a super food, but without a doubt the bulbous green is great for the body. Broccoli contains sulforphane, which is a great cancer-fighting fueled for the body. It can help shrink away prostate tumors when combined with foods high in lycopene (bright red carotene) like tomatoes.

Broccoli is also both nutrient-dense and highly filling. That means that you can eat less food with more of your daily needs fulfilled. For those looking to cut weight or lower caloric intake, broccoli is a fantastic option. The stalk is also surprisingly sweet, and can help curb sugar cravings. If all that was not enough, raw broccoli stalk also helps clean one’s teeth.


The red staple of Italian cuisine is high in lycopene. The antioxidant helps offset cardiovascular disease. It is also a perfect companion to the aforementioned green.

When combined with broccoli on a daily basis, tomatoes help shrink prostate tumors. The tomato also has high water content and nutrients when eaten raw. It can go in almost any type of meal and when cooked the absorption rate of its nutrients increases. Thus, not only does it up the flavor of a meal, but it is an item that almost wants to be cooked.

Chicken Eggs

While eggs can sometimes get a bad reputation for the relation to high blood pressure, they are also an amazing source of protein. Not only is the egg a great way to attain protein, but it is also the type of protein that it provides.

The chicken egg is the closest natural form of complete protein that a person can receive in a single serving. For the bodybuilder, it is clear why this food is a “super food.” For those who are interested in bodybuilding, the egg is a godsend for between-meal snacks and reenergizing quick bites when eaten in moderation.


High levels of potassium and water make this summer-time food a great addition to any bodybuilder’s diet. Potassium is liked to lowering the possibility of high blood pressure. And studies have shown that watermelon slices can contain more of the nutrient than a banana.

The high level of water content also makes the watermelon a great post-workout snack. And the melon can also be utilized as a pre, or even mid-workout. That is because the watermelon will not cause nausea or fullness like so many other foods. Plus, the water content means that you are hydrating while giving your body nutrients to absorb.

Last Note

Of course, one thing these foods cannot do is the job of making you fit all by themselves.  To expand and develop properly, you will need a combination of workout and consuming of these “Super Foods”.