4 Tips For People Who Are Lazy To Go To The Gym

Have you ever felt like your body is so heavy when the scheduled workout hour comes? Your eyes get droopy and you have this “dull” feeling all over. You do not want to go to the gym but you have to because of health purposes. Still, every bone in your body finds the exact excuse: My head hurts. My stomach is growling. I have work to do. I am late already. Oh yeah, big deal! Going to the gym, working out and pursuing a healthy lifestyle are very challenging activities. Many people quit before they even start getting used to working out because of one main reason: laziness. They have various pleas in order to ditch the gym. But did you know that people who work out live longer than those who do not?

Studies Show that People who Exercise Live Longer

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have informed the public that people who exercise do live longer because exercise lessens the risk to contract heart problems and some types of cancer. If a person regularly works out, there is a 40% lower risk of a premature death due to illnesses. Also, a person who is actively exercising protects himself from contracting Type 2 Diabetes. With these studies, are you know interested to work out?

In one sense, working out can save your life! So, why be lazy when gym time arrives? Wear your shorts or leggings, put on a shirt, strap on your rubber shoes and go to the gym. But if you feel that you are getting sluggish and your mind is almost made up to let go your work out for the day, here are some tips to make you pumped up and go straight to the fitness center:

Tip #1 – Do the Motivation Exercise

If you had a personal trainer make your workout program for you, you will notice that the routine does not last for more than 2 hours. Studies show that over working your muscles are not good as well and you will not lose weight healthily that way. So, fitness coaches limit the time spent at the gym for at least an hour to at the most, 2 hours. This is a mixture of cardio, abs and strength training.

Now if you get that lazy feeling, do not worry. All you have to do is do a little bit of motivation exercise. This is how you do it:
–          Close your eyes and breathe in and out for 10 counts.
–          Think about your ideal body and beautiful or handsome you will look when you will achieve that shape.
–          Perform 10 half squats and then 10 full squats so you will perspire a little.

This little moment will surely stimulate you to go to the gym. It always works. Even those fitness buffs have their “lazy” moments and one professional has claimed that the motivation exercise seals the deal.

Tip #2 – You need to eat a light but healthy snack before going to the gym and after your routine is done

You read this tip right. It is important to eat before and after work out. Now, one way in which a person gets inactive is because of hunger pangs. You have to eat at least 30 minutes before you head to the gym; fitness coaches have explained the significance of this.

If you are going to starve yourself because you think it will make you slimmer, then, your method is wrong. Eating the right kind of foods in moderate amounts and at frequent times will increase your chances of losing fats and increasing muscles. Why do want your muscles to increase? Muscles burn fat faster and if your body is muscled, then, your metabolism runs quicker.

Also, the right kind of foods must be maintained. You have to eat whole wheat grain, meat without the fats or skin, fruits and vegetables. Before you work out, it is better to eat a light sandwich. So that you are pumped up when doing your program, then afterwards drink whey protein. Why whey protein? It will replenish your body after the work out. Is this fattening? No. It is the right approach to healthy eating. But remember, eat healthy food. You will notice that after you have eaten your light snack, you have the drive to work out!

Tip #3 – If you get lazy thinking about your exercise program for the day, then, you have to do some variation to get you un-lazy

Even if you feel lazy, you have to go to the gym. Remember the health benefits that you will get if you work out but you do not have to do the same routine. Consider this your cheat day at the gym (inform your trainer so that adjustments can be made) and exercise however you want it!

You can try out new ways like Yoga, Kick Boxing, Zumba, Martial Arts, Circuits, Core Blast or gym-style Triathlon (jogging, swimming and cycling). Anything that you want to do, just do it as long you are sweating it out and feeling the heat. The exercise must last for not less than 30 minutes though. The body needs 7 hours of work out each week, healthily divided in 7 days to keep you fit. Just hang onto that thought.

Tip #4 – Make the work out equipment your gym buddy for the day

There are times when you do not have the fuel to do your exercise program. That is ok as long as you pick one work out equipment (or two) and get on it. If you feel lazy, just jump on the stationary bike and time it for 10-15 minutes. Put on your headphones and listen to music. Before you know it, the time stops and you are done.

Or you can do a quick walk-run routine using the treadmill. Some machines have flat screen TV and while you are working out, you can turn to your favorite channel and watch TV while you are exercising. These ideas may sound absurd but it has been observed first-hand in fitness gyms. It can work for you too!

Here are 4 very valuable tips you can do if you feel lazy. Exercising is a part of life. If you want to prevent illnesses from conquering your life, then, give that gift of working out to yourself. Just get up, go to the gym and in your mind, encourage yourself to do what is right. The say it takes 3 months to get used to a habit. You can do it. Live healthy and live happy!