5 Easy and Quick Steps of Building Those Muscles

So, you want to develop muscles in the right places but do not know where to start and at the same time wondering how long it will take you to build those muscles? Well, if you are too eager to develop muscles, follow these 5 easy steps.

Limit reps to 10

To quickly put on muscles, do the heavy lifting method. Make sure that weights are intense and do them for 10 reps only. Treat each workout as always a new thing and battling your scrawny genes. It will be better to have a workout partner to avoid being lazy, any injury, or pushing yourself too hard.

Put in mind that hauling up more than 10 reps only stresses your muscle filaments to contract slowly giving it the lowest rate of muscle development.

Lessen workout time

Do keep your workout timeless, observe short rests and then quickly shift from one workout to the next. If you still do not like your body, don’t worry. This should instead motivate you to solidify your muscles and move on to a new workout phase.

Do only one exercise for every muscle group must be performed

Why only one? Because you do not want to injure one muscle in just an hour or so just to be able to build them.

Your aim is to build your muscles and not to wear them out. The body will be compelled to adjust once it starts to experience a new spur, thereby developing new muscles to stop potential physical attacks. Your chore is to move on the new level of workout once the last exercise has been surpassed.

Do only 3–5 sets must be performed for every muscle group

85% maximal effort must be put in on your first 1-2 sets. The 3rd must be at 95% while the fourth (or at times could mean the 5th) must be placed at 100% maximal effort. Responsible for the growth of the muscle is the last set. The muscle will get tired if you do more than what is recommended and will be a setback to your recovery to knock the muscles once more. The last set must be done for at least 1-2 additional reps or an additional 5-10 pounds than the last one. If you were able to do this, then you definitely were able to achieve your task.

Amplify your strength to 5% after every 2 weeks

Set your goal to intensify your vigor to 5% after every 2 weeks. The bigger muscle groups, which consist of the legs and back, develop faster than the smaller group of muscles, which are the triceps and biceps. Therefore, you need to monitor your progress. This monitoring process will also stop you from doing the same workouts, thus increasing your chance to build more muscles.

The above five tips are not the archetypal general counsel for building your body. It is better to put it in action and find out the results for yourself.