9 out of 10 unintentional poisonings of children occur at home

It’s a disturbing statistic when you think about it.

Home is supposed to be a safe haven for our children, but according to the US-based Consumer Products safety Commission (CPSC), 90% of unintentional children poisonings occur in the home.

In fact, the normal house is a minefield of poisons with medications and caustic toilet cleaners stored in bathrooms, dishwasher detergents and other cleaners in the kitchen, bleach and laundry detergent by the washer and pesticides in the basement. And these are just a handful of the products that are potential poison mines a child could innocently stumble upon.

In a March 17th, 2009 news release, CPSC stated there are approximately 2 million calls each year to American poison control centers with 90% originating from a home. On average 80,000 children are treated annually in hospital emergency departments for unintentional poisoning.

Sadly, this results in 30 child deaths per year. This is down substantially from 216 poisoning deaths reported in 1972. Though this drop is due largely to increased poisoning awareness and better response, the CSPC is still very concerned:

“While there has been a significant decrease in deaths, studies show that unintentional child poisonings still remain a serious concern.”According to the CSPC, “children younger than age 5 account for the majority of the non-fatal poisonings” and in a review conducted of poisoning statistics, CPSC discovered “70% of poisonings involve children 1 to 2 years of age,”

“Awareness and action are the keys to preventing unintentional poisonings,” said CPSC Acting Chairman Nancy Nord.

The CPSC made a number of recommendations on how parents can improve home safety:

  1. Keep all medicines and chemicals in their original child proof containers. Keep containers closed.
  2. Do not remove container labels and make sure you read the label.
  3. Do not take medication in front of children and DO NOT REFER to medicine as candy.
  4. Regularly dispose of old and unused products, including medications.
  5. Always keep young children in sight when working with potentially hazardous products. This includes taking your child with you to answer the phone or the door. “Children act fast. So do poisons,” said CPSC Acting Chairman Nancy Nord.
  6. Store potentially dangerous products at higher levels and out of sight of children.
  7. Make sure you take medication in a well lighted area and always double check the dosage before consuming.
  8. Keep the CPSC Poison Hotline handy: 1-800-222-1222.
  9. Keep decorative lamps and candles out of the reach of children. The lamp oil is very toxic if consumed.

The Melaleuca Solution

Another way to help your home is to remove the chemically-laced and caustic cleaners that are a traditional part of family life in America.

For nearly three decades, Melaleuca has produced natural-based cleaning products. None of Melaleuca’s cleaning products require child proof containers. Though all natural, these products should be used as directed and still kept out of the reach of children.

In addition, many of Melaleuca’s products come in concentrated form allowing you to save money, save the environment and save space in one purchase.

Here is a listing of a few of Melaleuca’s natural household cleaning products:Diamond Brite:

Non caustic dishwasher detergent contains no chlorine bleach and uses natural enzymes to break down food. It also includes T36-C5 Melaleuca oil that brings penetrating, solvent power to the table. Concentrated allowing you to use approximately a third of what you normally use in your dishwasher – instead of filling both containers in your dishwasher, fill one half full.


Melaleuca’s legendary 3 in 1 cleaner. In its concentrated form, it can tackle everything from crayons to tar to grease and glue. It is Melaleuca’s super stain remover that can even remove paint. For regular, day to day use, one 16 oz. bottle of Sol-U-Mel makes four 24 oz. bottles of solution. It not only cleans pet stains but deodorizes as well. It is an effective all around cleaner. Made from penetrating Melaleuca oil — which is a natural solvent — it contains no caustic chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. People have signed up with Melaleuca just to get this product.


Heavy duty cleaner comes in 3X concentrated form. Industrial strength and biodegradable, its naturally derived solvents and detergents breaks down stubborn grease and dirt stains and is intended for those harder jobs such as garages and barbecues. One bottle can make up to 32 gallons of solution. But can also be applied in concentrated form for extremely tough cleaning jobs.


4X concentrated. It uses three amazing enzymes specifically targeting the most common types of stains: protein, grease and starch. It effectively removes blood, tomato and grass stains.


6X concentrate. Melaleuca’s all natural bleach uses natural detergents, enzymes and its penetrating Melaleuca Oil to remove tough stains and brighten clothes. Enzymes are natural proteins that target substances with similar size and shape, compared to chemicals that hit everything including the fabric. The two enzymes used in MelaBrite focus on organic-based stains and starch stains. Its PH balance makes it gentle on clothes and the special enzymes — “Carezymes” — help remove fuzz and pills that give clothes an old look.


Melaleuca’s 6X laundry detergent is non alkaline and bleach free. It contains a combination biodegradable cleaners along with penetrating Melaleuca oil — natural solvent – which brings cleaning deep into the fabric. It uses “Rinse Guard” prevents dirt from settling back on the clothes during the rinse cycle. It can be bought for use in HE or traditional washers.

Tough and Tender

Replaces such Lysol spray and comes with natural ingredients without ammonia, chlorine, phosphates and abrasives. One bottle of concentrate makes four bottles diluted. In its three stage process, Tough and Tender increases the cleansing power of water by reducing its surface tension. Its proprietary blend of natural cleaning products penetrate the stain loosening it. In phase three, four cleaners specifically tackle oil and dirt which is the root to most stains removing them without being abrasive.

Rustic Touch

Are you reacting to the smell of furniture cleaner? Try Melaleuca’s all natural Rustic Touch. It contains a variety of natural cleaners and conditioners and as well Carnauba wax, nature’s hardest wax. It is also an effective cleaner for car interiors and tires.

Tub and Tile:

This is an effective non caustic bathroom cleaner which uses sugar cane/citric acid and other natural cleaners including Melaleuca Oil and is effective against hard water stain. . Comes in 6X concentrated form. Use concentrated for stubborn stains in your toilet and tub. For regular usage, it can be diluted with water creating four mixing bottles of solution, ideal for every day use on your sink and counter.


These are some of Melaleuca’s natural cleaning products that can help your home go chemical-free. If you would like to see a catalogue of