About Me

Hello and welcome to my PhenQ Reviews site!

My friends call me “The Fat Assassin” because of my relentless quest to get ripped. I actually think that they got it from a commercial for some diet product that was always on the radio so I guess it’s a little bit of a joke. Anyway, I started this site for a couple of reasons:

First off, because of my discovery of PhenQ and how I want to share my info on this product with everybody. I guess it’s kind of like a good movie that you see and get excited about and then you think that everyone on earth should see it too. Well that’s how I felt when I found PhenQ.

I used to use the Ephedrine version of Xenadrine (RFA-1) back around 2001 when it was still legal and I know how powerful it was. It did work. And nowadays every supplement under the sun claims to be as powerful as Ephedrine based products used to be. It’s never going to happen so let’s debunk that myth right now.

So I wanted to find a fat burner that although not as powerful as Ephedrine, was going to powerful enough but without any negative side effects and no harmful ingredients.

I will admit that I was extremely tired of all of the ineffective fat burners that they sell at my local Vitamin Shoppe. It’s all the same crap, different year. I mean how many versions of Hydroxycut or Redline are they going to come out with? And most of that stuff, in my opinion, is dangerous anyway.

So I did some extensive research online and that’s how I found PhenQ. It’s a powerful combination of both synthetic and natural ingredients and like the drug Fen-Phen, it hits weight loss from every angle including both fat burning and hunger control.

Mission accomplished! So I just wanted to share the info that I found with you.

And now for the second reason I started this site.

Through my research on PhenQ I couldn’t find any “REAL” reviews or websites that actually gave me any useful information on the product. Now, I actually used to work in marketing and promotions so I know how to spot bogus reviews sites and all of the sites I found were pretty much just trying to sell you the product without giving any REAL information.

So I decided to start my own site here to give you some insight on PhenQ so you can see if it’s the right weight loss supplement for you or if you should use something else.

I hope that you find the information here helpful and I wish you the very best in your weight loss journey!