Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

Benefits of Using a Free Standing Bar

There are many types of bars that you could use but as you probably already know, the free standing kind are among the best.  This is mainly because they are sturdy, will fit into almost any room and they provide more than just a station to do pull-ups on.  They are very versatile and will help you to build a solid upper body.

One of the major benefits to me is that they will not do any damage to your home.  I have read many reviews about door frame pull up bars from people who have had damage done to their door frames.  Of course, there is no doubt that this could be caused by user error but oftentimes it is not.  Anytime you have to mount something to your wall, door frame, ceiling or other places and then hang your full body weight from it, you stand the risk of doing some type of structural damage.  I would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to this.

Another great benefit is that these stations often allow you to work different body parts.  It’s pretty standard for dip bars to be attached in some way and also some push up bars.  You can easily do push-ups on the floor but you will get a greater range of motion using push up bars.  This will make it more challenging and give you a greater chest workout.  Other things that may be attached is a leg lift station and a sit up bar.

Perhaps the best benefit is the benefit of better health.  A simple device like this will provide much greater results than a complicated piece of equipment that never gets used.  It’s easy to step up and do a few pull ups in between commercials or while you are just walking by.  Although simple in design, this piece of equipment is effective and easy to use.  It will give you results and getting results is a huge benefit.

Choosing The Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar

The chin up bar you choose for your home gym could make a lot of difference in the results you will or will not achieve.  Get a non-sturdy piece of junk and it’ll most likely become a clothes hanger.  On the other hand, if you purchase a quality station, you’ll get years of use out of it and enjoy using it.  Of course, this means that you will also get great results from using it.

One thing that you want to look for is the comfort of the actual bar itself.  I’ve seen cheaply made bars that have no padding and have rough areas causing a lot of discomforts.  Make sure the bar you choose has a padded area or at least a smooth finish that won’t be hard on your hands.

Another thing to look for is the sturdiness of the whole station.  Some are uneven and move around when you are using them.  Of course, a quality one will not do this.  A quality free standing pull up bar will be sturdy from start to finish of each exercise you do.  You should never experience the bar tipping or falling over when trying to use it.

The overall design of the station is also important.  Many people put them in a spare bedroom or a small workout area and don’t have a lot of space.  With the latest ones on the market, you don’t need a lot of space but make sure you read the measurements before purchasing one.  You don’t want to get it home only to find out it won’t fit in the area you’ve chosen to put it.

The best pull up bar for you may be different from what someone else would choose.  Just remember to plan ahead, read reviews and take advice from people who already own the one you are looking at.  Find the perfect one for you and you’ll be thrilled to make use of it.

Why a Free Standing Bar is Better Than Any Other Kind

Since you are reading this, you are probably looking to purchase a pullup bar for your home.  However, you may be unsure of which can to buy since there are so many options available.  You could certainly find cheaper options but I don’t believe you’ll find a better all-around option than a free standing one and the following are just a few reasons why.

They have more options

Sometimes you want more than just a bar to do pullups on and these certainly deliver that.  Dips are also very effective and can help to build muscle mass in the triceps.  The problem is that you don’t want to have multiple machines sitting around your house just to do a few different exercises.  A free standing pull up bar will give you this option so you can do it all on one machine.  Most also provide a place to do hanging knee raises, push-ups, sit-ups and more.

They are easy to move from place to place

It’s true that a mountable pull up bar may be a more sturdy and permanent solution but you’ll be stuck with it being wherever you mount it.  The great thing about the free standing types is that you can move them from room to room if you want with no problems.  They are easy to scoot out of the way when you have people staying over.  I don’t know about you but I’d much rather have something that can easily be moved and stored in the garage or attic when not in use.

They won’t do any damage

No need to damage your door frame with a door pull up bar.  Many people have experienced problems with these types of bars and when the damage does occur, it can be costly to repair.  The mountable types of bars require long screws to hold them into place so if you aren’t careful, you can do damage with those as well.  A free standing bar just sits there in the middle of the room and will never do any damage to the structure of your house.

They are sturdy and effective

The best ones on the market are very sturdy and can provide you with a great place to exercise for many years.  In fact, I’ve had mine for well over 5 years now and it’s just as good now as it was when I bought it.  It has been the most effective piece of equipment in my gym and has provided me with great results.  I’ve always found it to be sturdy enough and haven’t had any problems with it tipping, falling or feeling unsafe.

As you can see, there are many benefits to owning one of these types of bars.  You will get great results from the exercises you can perform on them and they make a great addition to any home gym.  If you are considering getting one for your home, you can’t go wrong with one of these.  Don’t bother with the cheaper alternatives or the kind that require difficult installation.  There is just no need for all of that when free standing pull up bars offer the perfect solution.

An Advanced Guide To Chin Ups

Chin ups are one of the best upper body strength movements. They tax the entire muscular system and burn a large amount of calories. If these are performed on a regular basis, along with other large movements and a proper nutrition program, fat loss potential is elevated. If you are looking to lose body fat, build upper body strength, and develop a fit and lean looking body, include chin ups into your fitness training program. When you perform exercises such as chin ups, you are automatically using many large muscles which translates to a higher calorie burn and metabolic boost. I discussed exercise progressions that will help develop the strength and overall fitness that is required to perform the exercise.

As a personal trainer, I use all of these progressions with my clients and have great success. It is important to develop a base of strength and progress accordingly, so check back on my first two articles for training tips. Enlisting the help of a qualified, knowledgeable, and certified personal trainer is one of the best ways to progress in this program. If you do not have access or resources for a trainer, then follow these three articles, grab a workout partner, and get started on your strength program. If you are proficient at performing inverted rows and assisted chin ups, it is now time to start performing body weight chin ups. This movement will increase your fitness levels, promote body fat loss, and will give you a lot of satisfaction because many people cannot perform this exercise. If they are doing the exercise, a lot of times it is incorrect so keep working hard on your form.

Here are the steps for the final piece of your chin up puzzle:

o Use a bar or the top portion of the squat rack, or a chin up bar if your gym has one.
o Grasp the bar at shoulder width with your palms facing you.
o Activate your upper back by pulling your shoulder blades down and back.
o Pull your body up toward the bar, elevating as high as you can above the bar.
o As you pull up, drive your elbows down toward your ribcage to maintain proper muscle activation.
o Slowly lower your body back down to a straight arm position but do not lose tension in your upper back.
o Repeat for a maximum amount of repetitions, 3-5 sets.

If you can perform 3-5 sets of more than 10 repetitions with your body weight, increase the difficulty by holding a dumbbell between your ankles or strapping a dumbbell to a weight belt and hanging in between your knees. Perform 3-5 sets of maximum sets for ultimate strength. Chin ups are one of the best exercises for strength and developing an athletic, sleek, and tight upper body. Using the help of a personal trainer will ensure that you have proper form and will also push you past your typical workout limits. They also promote lower levels of body fat due to the high stress of the exercise and the amount of calories that will be burned after a training session. Follow the three articles and good luck with your training programs. Cambridge personal trainer Callie Durbrow conducts small group training programs for individuals looking to lose fat, boost their energy levels, gain strength and look amazing.