Body Building Workouts

Body building involves the development of muscle fibers in one’s body by taking care of the calorie intake and proper training workouts. It is said that a man is complete when he has a sound mind, soul and body. When your body is fit, automatically your mind and soul are also fit. These days you will find men, especially the younger generations enrolling in gyms for body building workouts. In the quest to give your body the perfect shape, perhaps you get yourself engaged into different fitness regimes. But in order to achieve a healthy and well toned body, you require having a strict schedule of diet, proper workouts with the appropriate machines according to your body type and weight.

The first step: lose weight

Most people get frustrated and irritated with their body building workouts in the very first week because they don’t get the expected results and are led by many misconceptions. The fact is everyone doesn’t burn the same amount of calories and energy mainly because of genetics and the kind of lifestyle they lead. Thus, there is bound to be a variation in the results. If you are spending most of your time in front of the computer, you are likely to accumulate more fat in your body and thus there is the need for workouts.

The first thing that you must initiate is trying to lose the excess fat from your body. Unlike a lean body, if you are on the heavier side, your schedule will be different and more time consuming. Normally it has been found that it is easier to build muscles on a lean body, the reason for which the first few weeks involve only cardio vascular exercises. Generally fat accumulates in specific areas of our body but there is no way to get rid of your body fat by targeting those specific areas. Therefore, if you are working only on biceps, it won’t help you to loose body weight. In the first 12 sessions of your body building workouts, you have to do minimum of 30 minutes to one hour of cardio exercises. This is followed by strength exercises with the minimum cardio schedule since you will no longer have to concentrate on losing weight anymore.

A proper dietary chart

Apart from heavy workouts- weightlifting or body weight exercises, you must prepare a proper, balanced diet regime which is practicable enough to follow through the next few months. This will indeed guarantee the physique you dream of every day. The consumption of proper diet ensures how far you’ll be able to go. If your diet is not properly planned, you might start gaining weight instead of muscle building. The diet must consist of all kinds of food and nutritious items like proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and even supplements. You must be aware of the quantity of these items while you consume them.

Protein is considered to be the most essential ingredient in body building workouts. Eat meat, fish, egg white, milk, nuts and pulses along with carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, bread, fruits and vegetables. The ratio of the carbohydrates, fats and proteins should be 4:2:4. This ratio is perfect for both losing weight and building muscles. You must keep in mind to eat in small quantities several times a day. It is said that six meals a day with the interval of 2 ½ hours is the best routine to follow. Avoid having junk food and beverages as these are high in calories and hardly have any nutrition. You can detoxify your system by consuming a lot of water.

Body building is not only about weightlifting

Normally people believe that in order to build muscles, you require heavy weight equipments. But it is not possible for everyone to afford costly gym memberships or buy home gyms. And moreover perhaps you don’t want to have a huge muscular body but wish to grow your muscles to some extent and appear toned. There are few exercises that individuals can perform to train their different muscles. The list of the exercises affecting your whole body includes:

Since these exercises don’t require any kind of weight, these exercises are the appropriate choice for those who don’t have access to any equipment but have interests in fitness and body building. When compared to weight lifting, the body weight exercises require more flexibility and balance in order to be performed again and again. The bodyweight exercises strengthen your core muscles and are beneficial for both young and elderly people.

Simply by doing muscle building workouts, you cannot achieve six packs. With the physical strain your body goes through while doing body building workouts, you also need rest and proper sleep of minimum 7 hours. With proper body building exercises you can attain muscle strength and impressive balance and flaunt your perfectly toned body. Whether you are a professional body builder or a common fitness enthusiast, you must keep a check on your food intake and monitor your overall health.