Build Your Muscles without Fear of Getting Fat

One of the common concerns of people who wanted to venture into muscle building is if they will end up getting fat.  Primarily, a fitness program always has two general objectives:  first is to grow muscles and second is to shed fat.  If you are to look at it, these objectives are of different angles.

For one, the moment you embark on a building muscle program you will need to put in a lot of calories as it is needed in building muscles.  Shedding those unwanted fats is asking you to have low-calorie intake.

Tying to get done with these objectives will not necessarily be healthy for you.  It is inevitable that you will get fat in adding weight; however, the question here is just how much fat you want to get.

Let us dig deeper to answer our query of:  “Is it really possible to increase one’s weight without getting fat?”

There are two approaches to putting on muscle mass.

First, eat as much as you can.  This led to the belief that in order to build muscle mass, one has to take in a lot of food which is false.  Our body can incorporate a lot of muscle tissues right away and once this is finished will store the residual calories as body fat.  So people who consume more than 5,000 calories in a day are bound to get that unwanted fat.

Second is to take on a further reasonable approach and this is to eat only as many extra calories to sustain the development of muscles.  In doing this, you will get lean tissues without any worry of developing body fat.

If this is to be assumed, how many calories are to be sustained, and how many muscles can be developed?

If you have heard of anyone say that he gained 20 more pounds of muscles in a short period of time, this is because his genes are good and have practiced exceptional workouts and nutritional scheme.  Nevertheless, this is very unusual.

A person trained in the usual manner can expect to gain ½ a pound of muscle in a week provided he is doing the workouts appropriately.  This will lessen without good genes and improper nutrition.  Gaining 2-4 pounds of muscles in a month will not in any way require you to have high-calorie intake.

You run the risk of getting added body fat if you have a higher intake.  Maintain 250-500 calories to build more muscles with no worries of a lot of body fat.  Look at yourself and check if your weight gain is brought about by fat. If it is, lessen your calorie intake gradually.

Not because a certain regimen worked with others, it will also for you.  Individuals are different and so are their metabolisms.

Patience is a virtue and it must be practiced with your wanting to build muscles.  It is better to do it slowly but surely rather than rush yourself and ending up getting bulks in the wrong places.