Dry fruit is very helpful to improve Beauty and health

If you read up on any eating plan, it will always tell you to eat a few dry vegetables and fruit. Since, dry vegetables and fruit are loaded with various vitamins, important body fat and nutrients; they keep you healthier and fit. They also have a variety of epidermis benefits too. That is why; it is not surprising to see a variety of dry vegetables and fruit as the core ingredient of beauty products. So let us have a look at 5 dry vegetables and fruit which should be a regular part of your daily eating plan.


As small as they look, nuts are jam loaded with fat, materials and necessary protein. Almonds are really effective in treating acne. This dry fruit makes excellent experience packs as well. For radiant epidermis, take crushed nuts (which have been soaked in water) and milk. Implement the mixture on your experience to remove dead cells and dirt. For your locks, you can use almond oil to add shine and shine to dull locks. Almonds also enhance your hemoglobin and enhance blood vessels flow. They also decrease cholesterol levels and help in prevention of lung and breast cancers.


If you want to secure your white teeth and your wonderful sight, you must eat a few raisins every day.  Raisins avoid decay and keep cavities at bay. They are also full of Supplement A and they secure your sight from vision related problems. Raisins also keep your epidermis healthier and wonderful. Raisins are loaded with potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and iron and they enhance blood vessels flow. They are strongly recommended for those suffering from anemia.


Walnuts are one of the healthiest nut products which are full of good body fat and nutritional value. omega 3 body fats, which are discovered in abundance in peanuts, nourish dry epidermis and enhance its texture. Mix a few peanuts with 3 tablespoons of yogurt and blend it. Implement this scrub on your experience everyday for smooth and soft epidermis. Walnut, if used in the form of oil, contains linoleum acid, which stops wrinkles. Walnuts are called mind food and not without reason. Nearly 60% of our mind structure comprises of Ω 3 body fat which are discovered in peanuts. Walnuts are also instrumental in promoting cardiovascular health.

Cashew nuts

There is a myth about cashew nut products that they are unhealthy since they contain a lot of body fat. But in reality, cashew nut products when consumed in moderation actually help you shed weight. Cashew nut oil too, is used in a variety of beauty products. It minimizes tan and stops damage. It also allows secure your damaged heels and feeds them. Cashew nut products are loaded with Supplement E and they have anti-ageing qualities as well. Cashew nut products help control cholesterol levels, blood vessels glucose levels, stops migraines and hypertension.


Pistachios are powerhouse of nutritional value. Wealthy in Supplement E, they secure your epidermis from UV rays, premature aging and even melanoma. Pistachio oil has demulcent qualities, which basically means that they help your epidermis. They also contain arytenoids, lute in and zeaxanthin, which are rarely discovered in nut products. Besides this, pistachio nuts also contain antioxidants, which neutralize the toxins, thus preventing aging. Pistachios help stabilize blood vessels glucose levels, help in digestion, avoid heart diseases and provide your body with materials and necessary protein.