Fat Loss And Muscle Building Exercises: How to Turn It Into A Fun Addictive Game

We all know that daily run or elliptical exercise has been an important quality for burning off calories and keeping weight off. However, as much as we know it works, many of us want to avoid the monotony of the daily run. Even with a TV in front of a treadmill or stationary bike, the routine can be just that.

It can become increasingly difficult to stay motivated through a time-limit or calorie count after weeks of the same thing every day. So what is one to do about the problem of wanting to lose weight, but being bored with the same old routine? The answer is simply variety of activities.

Activity No 1- Soccer

For whatever reason, putting a ball in front of you can make running seem like a more exciting endeavor. Professional soccer players run an average of five miles per match in a 90-minute period. More importantly, the activity involves jogging, sprinting, and walking at near-even amounts.

This enables you to work on your cardiovascular, anaerobic, and recovery stamina naturally in a single activity. Even more important, soccer is a fun communal sport that allows you to engage your creative and strategic brain. You will not see many who partake in regular play who possess much (if any) excess fat or bored with the matches.

Activity No 2- Martial Arts/Boxing

Whether karate, kickboxing, or standard pugilism, martial arts are a fantastic mix of aerobic and anaerobic activity. Many gyms around the globe have incorporated martial arts classes as a way to allow those who are tired of standard workouts a new avenue of activity.

There are many cardio-boxing and cardio-kickboxing classes that give you an opportunity to focus solely on the stamina portion of the sport. There are also gyms dedicated to the actual disciplines themselves, wherein one can enjoy the mixture of cardio, strength, as well as tactical training.

Boxing and kickboxing especially focus heavily on high-intensity workouts burn nearly 1000 calories an hour. Traditional martial arts also burn high levels of calories, while also giving one dexterity and mental/spiritual training as well. This can help with the dedication to push through your “boring” running and cardio routines.

Activity No 3- Hiking

If you grow tired of the standard jogging routine, relieve the tedium by adding the beautiful scenery of nature. Hiking may seem like low-cardio work. However, if you are able to trek at higher altitudes, the body is pushed harder than walking at lower altitudes.

In fact, backpacking for two-hour trek into high altitudes can end up burning more calories than most running routines. Taking on hills and mountains will also work your quads, calves, and hamstrings to help tone the legs very well. Thus, hiking is a fantastic mixed bag of workouts. All of this, while giving you an opportunity to take in the beauty of nature, and get away from the daily grind of your normal life.

Activity No 4- Swimming

One of the best overall workouts that exist, swimming works the entire body better than most any other workouts. You must engage every part of the body to both stay afloat and propel yourself through the water. By mixing in the types of swimming you do (freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke), you will give each part of your body the workout it desire. You will also burn a very high level of calories all over your body. For the summer season, swimming is truly the best as it not only gives you a workout, but refreshes the body and mind.