Hex dumbbells for sale

Hex dumbbell is basically just a shorter version of the barbell usually a size from 8 inches to 14 inches. They are very famous tools in free weight lifting probably, they are the symbol of weight lifting and muscle making as they have certain advantages over barbells as they strengthen both sides of your body equally.

The name Hex dumbbells are given to this equipment because its shape is hexagon. These are the standard in most home and commercial gyms because they are cheap and practical. Hex dumbbells enable a person to perform exercises like front raises and flies that you can’t do with barbells. The rubber coating is used on the dumbbells in order to prevent from the hand strain.

Hex dumbbells are made of cast iron ASTM 20 standard. The special design of the hexagonal shape gives the exercise training to the user in a cool and safer environment. This is a great feature of this particular equipment. The edges of the dumbbells are made smooth and round for safer exercising and to avoid any injury.

Hex dumbbells don’t require much space as they are not too large and they don’t roll over the floor or roof when placed on that but it is better to place them in rack specially made it for safety. Hex dumbbells set comes in many forms. A variety of hex dumbbells set are available for the weight lifters like Pro-Style Dumbbells, Compact Dumbbells, Hex Dumbbells, Rubber Dumbbells, Chrome Dumbbells, Solid Steel Dumbbells, Neoprene and Vinyl Dumbbells.

Hex dumbbells are available in hex dumbbell set a person can buy dumbbells according to its weight or can buy entire hex dumbbell set with weight rack. Many online shops give facility to buy online where a person can buy these items by credit cards or phone order services are also available in different areas where person can buy these via VPP.

For online shopping and ordinary shopping of weight training equipments keys fitness is one of the famous company which have well known reputation in fitness products like exercise bikes, ellipticals, steppers, home gyms, and other exercise equipment. The company sells its different type of products through more than 3,000 retailers in the US, as well as stores in more than 30 other countries.

In 2005 Keys Fitness acquired ICON Health & Fitness’ Image Spa unit as part of its growth strategy. The company is also repositioning its complete product line of personal health and fitness accessories under the Ironman Fitness brand. The keys fitness hex dumbbell set is a strong and easy for exercising. Every dumbbell has a hex-shaped to prevent rolling and stunning features as an easy-grip rubber surface for safe strength training.

The rubber coating also helps to protect the floor at where the exercise is done when the dumbbells are dropped into the floor. The dumbbell rack has been designed with 14-gauge steel in the market and has a powder-coated finish for extended protection and foremost durability. Keys fitness hex dumbbell set comes with warranty and repairing services too. Frame – lifetime parts – 90 days.

York hex dumbbells is another famous brand of dumbbells provide different sets of dumbbells and weight racks for home and commercial use. They are well known provider of fitness goods especially in New York and around in USA to the schools, clubs and colleges. They equipment have excellent quality and warranty attractive, durable and required small space. Hex coated dumbbells or rubber coated dumbbells are used for safety while in weight training mostly to prevent hand strain. They are preferred for weight training as they are safer then pro style dumbbells and other styles.