How To Do Squats The Proper Way

Learn How to do Squats the Right way today!

Today we tackle one of the most important exercises in bodybuilding and that is learning how to do squats. Bodybuilding is an important exercise that has plenty of benefits to the body. It helps build muscle and increase body strength, it improves the quality of muscle, it ensures the muscles are lean with little or no fat and help the body look great. Bodybuilding also helps individuals lose excess weight, burn body fat and be fit, thereby improving their overall health.


One of the core exercises in bodybuilding is squats. A squat is basically regarded as leg muscle exercise but it works out most of the rest of the body. It involves carrying weights on the shoulder and then bending the knees, while keeping the back straight, until sitting position is attained. Doing squats is important as it can greatly increase the power and muscle of the front and back thighs. However, if it is not done properly, it may result in injuries, some of which could be very serious. It is therefore important that people learn how to do squats properly.

Starting from basic when learning how to do squats

Before embarking on how to do squats the correct way, it is important, especially for beginners to understand the basics of how to do squats. The technique can be watched on videos or a beginner may ask a gym instructor to demonstrate how it is done. However, the basic way of how to do squats simply involves standing straight with the back straight and facing forward. The feet should be astride, about shoulder wide, with toes pointing outwards. Then the knees should be bent and the individual ensures that the back remains straight. Knees are bent until the individual’s backside touches a bench, or attains the sitting position. At this stage, the back will slightly lean forward but should be straight, not bent.

Once this technique has been mastered, a trainee can now use weights. Squats can be done using various weights but the most popular is the barbell, which allows a large number of weights to be lifted. When mastering the techniques of how to do squats properly, the trainee should squat until their thighs are parallel to the floor. Getting to this position will ensure that the thigh muscle is properly worked out and this will give the trainee a strong back and strong thigh muscles. When learning how to do squats properly, the back should not arch. To achieve this, the head should always be kept straight. The stomach muscles should be kept tight throughout the entire exercise. At this stage, the feet can be just a little bit wider than shoulder-width and the toes pointing slightly outwards.

When a trainee learns how to do squats, they should start with smaller weights and use these for a couple of weeks. Once the trainee is comfortable with their form and the weights, the number of repetitions can be increased. The amount of weight also being lifted can be gradually increased. Even with the increased number of repetitions and weights, the perfect squat form should always be maintained.

When weights are gradually increased and the person is lifting more weights, they will then have learned the proper way of how to do squats.

While performing these exercises, it is important to have a log that records the number of weeks a trainee has been working out, the number of repetitions at each exercise and the amount of weight they were able to work out with. This is important because it will indicate progress. In order to adapt to the fastest way to build muscles as well as a strong core, there should be regular progress with time. Always remember to maintain perfect form as a poor form may result in an unwanted injury.