How to Gain Weight If You Are An Ectomorph

There are three major body types. There are endomorphs, mesomorphs, and ectomorphs.

Endomorphs are larger individuals who are often stout and can pack on weight easily. Mesomorphs are the general Adonis types, who put weight on all the proper part of the body, while maintaining longer limbs and a thin waist. Both of these body types have gain weight easily. Next, the Ectomorphs. It can be difficult to gain weight when for the ectomorph. The body tends to be lean and long, and their metabolism tends to be much higher than the other two body types.

The ectomorph body is great for anyone who wants to be a marathon runner or model. For body builders or those aspiring to be “strongmen”, or simply those who want to gain mass, it can be a frustrating body type. Gaining muscle mass, or even fat mass, is not easy for the ectomorph. However, there are some simple strategies to start gaining weight in bodybuilding.

First Thing is First

You have to work out regularly, and perhaps a bit harder than others. The ectomorphic body simply does not like to keep weight on it. That means that you have to not stray for workout regimens. You also have to truly push through specific workouts and sets in order to develop mass. Those in the other body types will gain the mass very quickly, while ectomorph bodies will have to push a little harder to develop and sustain the mass. It may seem unfair, but that is simply the way it is.

Higher Intake than Output

While being able to burn calories more efficiently may seem great to a large portion of society, it is a nightmare for the ectomorph who is bodybuilding. When you burn more calories than you take in, you simply cannot gain weight. This is truly trouble for anyone who is on any restricted budget. Eating six meals a day and putting an emphasis on protein is a great start.

However, there may need to be a trick or two that has to be thrown in to counterbalance the high metabolism rate. Eating large portions in the morning and before bed can help load up calories. By eating before bedtime, the body is forced to save the calories it would burn during the day.

By loading up in the morning with proteins and fats, the ectomorph can help pack in macronutrients that can be used for development. Unlike most other body types, the ectomorph can focus 1-2 meals a day that are very large portions. Of course, these meals must still be healthy and useful foods.

Nitrogen Intake

Along with protein, an ectomorph must be able to keep a positive nitrogen balance in order to sustain muscle development. While others may gain and hold muscle with even moderate diets, the ectomorph has to place an emphasis on nitrogen. That means lean meats and nitrogen supplements must be utilized.

Just because nitrogen must be emphasized does not mean it is impossible to keep in line. It is simply the fact that many ectomorphs are unaware of how to keep their nitrogen balance in the positive. Seafood, spinach, oatmeal, even alcohol (used in cooking) are high in nitrogen content.

Lower the Cardio Work

One does not have to never run again, however, the cardio workouts will burn mass quickly on ectomorphs. There are ways to increase cardio while still gaining muscle mass. In general, however, the body must remain focused on muscle cultivation and not calorie burning. While this is simple enough for some, many ectomorphs tend to gravitate toward cardio sporting such as cross country or soccer. Unfortunately, if one wishes to succeed in body building, these sports likely have to take a backseat.