Knowing What to Eat to Gain Weight

For those people who want to gain weight, knowing what to eat to gain weight is of the utmost importance. Many people think that simply eating more will be enough, but this isn’t true. It matters greatly that you eat the proper foods so that you are able to gain weight while maintaining your nutrition at the same time. Eating the right foods is also key to how to gain weight without gaining fat.  Today, we’ll look at what to eat to gain weight and how you can make your weight gain diet work best.

One of the keys to what to eat to gain weight is making sure the foods you eat are loaded with calories, but not with saturated or Trans fats. For instance, 100 grams of raw rice has 380 calories while 100 grams of raw spinach has only 25 calories. Be sure to pick the foods that are rich in calories. Pasta is a great choice. 100 grams of pasta has the same 380 calories as does rice, and pasta is easier to ingest. Also, use white pasta as who grain pasta takes much longer to digest.

Nuts and olive oil are both healthy and are high in calories. Mixed nuts and peanut butter both carry a calorie count of about 500 for every 100 grams. These make a great snack and are among the best for what to eat to gain weight. One tablespoon of olive oil is about 100 calories. You can sip it or you can use it in things like tomato pasta sauce.

While looking at what to eat to gain weight, you cannot forget whole milk. It may cause you to gain a little fat, but it is also a great source of calories. Drinking a liter of whole milk each day is a good standard for gaining healthy weight. If you really want to put on the pounds faster, you can drink 1 gallon of milk each day along with your regular food intake. Combine that with weight training (including squats) 3 times each week can yield a weight gain of as much as 60 pounds in a year.  Don’t feel that you have to drink that much though. Just drink as much milk as you are comfortable with.

What to Eat to Gain Weight: Making a Plan

The final part of knowing what to eat to gain weight is proper planning. You need to plan out how you’ll prepare your meals and how you’ll shop for groceries. Make sure you get groceries for a full week when you shop. You can’t afford to miss any meals. Also, prepare all of your meals once per day, maybe when you’re making breakfast. Then you can just warm them over when you get ready for lunch or dinner.  Following these steps and knowing what to eat to gain weight will give you a great start on your way to reaching your ideal weight.