Olympic plate weights

Weight plates are made of cast iron or welded iron usually weigh form 2 ½-pound plates up to 10-pound. These plates are very common and can be seen in any gym. Weight plates are of two types Olympic and standard weight plates. The main difference between Olympic plates and standard weight plates is the whole it contains.

Olympic plates have a whole of diameter of 2 inches while standard weight plate has a whole of 1inch diameter. Now a day Olympic plates are used more as compared to standard weight plates. Because trainer should know about the Olympic standard so in their training Olympic plates are used. But standard plates are still in use. Weight plates are made of cast iron mostly but now these plates are made of other materials like different alloys are developed that are cheaper than iron and have excellent properties like corrosion resistance in these plates aluminum weight plates are most common in use nowadays, because they have excellent properties over cast iron.

Weight plates are portable and need not very large place, they are circular in shape and compact in size so they don’t require any special arrangement for placing them but it is recommended that weight placed should be placed in weight plate rack specially designed for these plates. Weight plate racks are of different size and shapes and they have different sections and special cupboard like arrangement in which plates are placed according to the diameter and size. Weight plates racks are many types like single shelf, double shelf or multi shelf, horizontal or vertical, all these arrangements provide an ease to choice and safety for the weight trainer. There are many famous brand names for Olympic plates and Weider is one of them.

They supplies high quality free weight exercise equipment to:

1. Health Clubs
2. Gyms
3. Athletic Training Facilities
4. Corporate Fitness Centers
5. Government Agencies.

Weider weight plates comes in different types and colors like Bumper Plates, Chrome, Grip, Iron, Rubber-Encased, Wide-Flanged, Urethane-Coated.

Weider rubber coated plates are very famous brand in rubber coated plates category. It has very good coating rubber that give good performance while weight training. Weider rubber coated plates are easy to handle and enormously durable. Rubber-encased plates will do their best to keep gym floor protected against cracks and dents. The rubber also protects each weight plate from the cracks that naked iron cast plates can incur and the dents and gouges suffered by mistreated plastic-coated plates.

Rubber coated plates lower the risk of any injury to the trainer while using weight training. Rubber coating also give protection against corrosion Powermax is another popular Olympic plate brand. They are also a big producer of all kinds of weight training equipment. Powermax rubber encased Olympic plates are very famous brand of this company.

Weight plates have different weight ranges they are available from 1lb to many pounds. In Olympics 45 lb Olympic weightlifting plates are considered to be the heaviest weighted plates and if a player wants to increase more weight then he is allowed to put more plates of different loads in order to meet his requirements. Olympic weight plates can be purchased from many online shops.

These shops also offer used weight plates as they are the important part of any gym but used item are usually bought by home gym owners. Olympic plate’s weight is standard and followed in all over the world and is set by international Olympic committee. In these standards, the heaviest plate is of 45lbs.