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There are a number of Provestra reviews to be found on the internet. This particular review will not be claiming that this is a miracle cure to a lowered libido or decreased desire for sex. Instead, we will be looking at the product and looking at it reasonably.

What Is Provestra?

It’s a product that is taken as a daily supplement in order to enhance the libido, increase the desire for sex, and also increase the sensations of sex.  The supplement has been approved by doctors but does not require a prescription for purchase.

The ingredients of the product are associated with providing the benefits as claimed. L-Arginine, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, and Damiana Leaf are all known to increase the sex drive. All of these are natural ingredients and generally, users face no inadvertent side effects.

With the combination of ingredients and the purpose of the supplement, it is safe to say that the product can be used for an adult female of any age.

Even women that are menopausal can at least gain some of the benefits of the supplement, although it is virtually impossible to fully reverse the effects of menopause.

It can help menopausal women though; it can restore vigor and libido.

The Benefits

Menopause isn’t the only thing that can have a negative effect on the female libido. A decreased libido can be a result of stress, post-pregnancy recovery, and a number of other reasons for the lowering of the amount of hormone in the body.

Besides the increased libido, there are also some psychological benefits. Often these are overlooked in Provestra reviews, but they are effects that are good to know about and be aware of if you choose to use the product.

The supplement is known to increase the stamina of women during sex and it has also been shown to improve the interest of women in the physical act of sex. Additionally, many women that use the product feel that they actually have an increased frequency of erotic fantasies.

This may seem extraneous, but increased fantasies are a sign of an increased libido. In turn, the fantasies will increase the desire for sex.

There are also a number of physical benefits, and these are probably better known than the psychological benefits. Women will experience increased circulation, which will engorge the clitoris and result in increased sensitivity and sensation.

The vagina will also be increasingly lubricated and this will lead to more comfortable sex. Lastly, and perhaps the most pleasurable physical benefits are the increased intensity in orgasms and the likelihood of multiple orgasms.

Unlike many Provestra reviews, we won’t say that this is a miracle product for all women. It is a high-quality product and excels in meeting its claims. However, it can’t all be done by a single supplement.

To really feel and experience the benefits of the supplement, it will need to be taken consistently every day for about a month before any significant benefits will be noticed. However, when users do feel the effects, the quality of sex and life are greatly improved.

Provestra Ingredients And What They Do

Women are wanting to know about Provestra ingredients more than ever because of its significant rise in popularity.

Additionally, women want to know how the individual ingredients benefit them and how those benefits are adjusted when mixed with the other natural ingredients of the product.

For women that don’t already know, the product is a supplement that is taken daily to enhance the female libido and increase sex drive. It is one of the first all-natural products that are the female equivalent to male-oriented products such as Viagra.

Essentially, it’s an all-natural product to increase the pleasure of sex and the desire for sex for women.

This Is What’s In It

The all-natural ingredients of the supplement are powerful. Below are the ingredients and a description of their effects.

Licorice Root

This extract fights the feeling of bloating and fatigue. It does this by providing the liver with what it needs for increased energy and limiting the retention of water that causes bloating.

Valerian Root

This is well known for helping people with trouble sleeping. By allowing women more rest during their sleep, the natural rhythms of the body are restored and energy can instead be turned to sex.

Red Raspberry

This fruit has the potential to increase the strength of the uterus plus it has the vitamins and minerals that are needed for female hormone production.

Damiana Leaf

This herb has been proven to decrease vaginal dryness. However, researchers are investigating just how this is accomplished.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is a well-known standalone supplement for increasing circulation. The increased circulation helps to stimulate the sexual organs along with boosting endurance and attention span.


This is another of the well-known Provestra ingredients that are known as individual supplements. It is a natural stimulant and does not have the crash that is the aftereffect of many other stimulants.


This is a plant extract that is effective at balancing hormones. When combined with Valerian Root these two elements of the supplement are excellent at regulating the body of a woman.


This is an extract that is also found in chocolate and is also an aphrodisiac.


This is an amino acid that is essential for a healthy pituitary gland. A healthy pituitary gland is essential for hormone regulation.

Is It Expensive?

There is no prescription needed for this supplement and it definitely isn’t expensive.  A supply of the product can easily be purchased online and its total cost is only about $1 or $2 per day.

It is really a small price to pay for the increased pleasure and desire for sex.

The Provestra ingredients help women regain a healthy sex drive, restore their libido, and increase sexual performance. However, it isn’t a miracle supplement.

Women that have a negative attitude towards sex will find a difficult time with this product or any product on the market.

However, for women that have a positive view of sex and seek to restore their vigor and desire for sex, this product will be able to help them achieve that goal.

The Surprising Provestra Side Effects

Women are now seeing their sexual needs being responded to with a daily supplement. Provestra has arrived and has become popular amongst women that are suffering from a decrease in libido and sexual drive.

Of course with this new product, women wonder what the Provestra side effects are in relation to how much they’ll benefit.

We’ll take a look at the side effects of this supplement and other aspects of the sexual problems facing women and how the product can help reduce the effects and hopefully reverse the effects.

What causes decreased libido?

There are a number of reasons for decreased libido. Usually, this occurs when women are in their thirties and approach the ages of pre-menopause. Here are a few of the factors that can cause or influence a decrease in libido and some details about them.

Hormone Changes: Taking birth control pills, pregnancy, peri-menopause can all influence the changes in female hormone amounts, or just the regular changes associated with regular menstruation may trigger changes.

Stress: Increased stress levels can be a factor. With the rush of the world today along with the traditional concerns involving children, careers, housework, the husband or boyfriend, and paying bills, this is a common reason.

Orgasms: If orgasms are less frequent or consistently weaker, it isn’t a surprise for the libido to take a hit.

Diet: A lack of meeting your body’s nutritional needs can be a trigger. This is especially relevant to those women that have a busy lifestyle and find it hard to enjoy a full meal consistently.

Vaginal Dryness: This makes sex uncomfortable. If it’s uncomfortable, that’s certainly not a motivation for sex and will really decrease sex drive and libido.

What are the Provestra side effects?

This is probably surprising to you as it is to most people. There really are no adverse side effects to this supplement. However, there are side effects. Fortunately, these side effects are positive side effects.

The natural ingredients that are contained in the supplement really limit the possibility of any negatives happening by taking it daily. Women that take this supplement are likely to experience more satisfying sexual sensations and pleasurable, even heightened orgasms.

Women will also find that their vagina is more lubricated and the dryness has eliminated. Also, arousal senses will be upped and this means that the erogenous zones will be more sensitive.

There have also been reports of women having had increased frequency of erotic fantasies. Needless to say they were always prepared for sex and were really trying to make it happen because of the increase in sex drive.

Does it work?

The supplement does work and obviously the Provestra side effects are not a deterrent but are instead additional motivators for making the supplement a part of your daily routine.

Be advised though that it is not a miracle pill and you won’t be seeing a crazy change in your libido overnight.  However, with consistency and regular use of a capsule a day, the average woman should expect to see results after about 30 days of use.

Where To Buy Provestra?

Women that have been experiencing unsatisfying sexual encounters because of a decreased libido or mysterious drop in sexual desire have found some assistance in Provestra.

It’s great news, but to really benefit from it women need to know where to buy Provestra. The product is taken as a daily supplement that will provide the increased libido and sexual desire that most women are looking for because of a hormone imbalance that can be caused by stress, menstrual cycle, peri-menopause, or a few other reasons.

What It Can Do

It makes women want sex more and as an added bonus it also helps women find more pleasure in sex. It has the capability of helping women become aroused more quickly and easily.

It also helps the body experience more intense orgasms plus the increased chance for multiple orgasms.

It also helps relieve vaginal dryness. Without sufficient vaginal lubrication, the physical act of sex can be uncomfortable and often painful.

It does all of this by naturally assisting your body in producing hormones to correct the imbalance that is currently occurring in the body and is at the root of the decreased libido and sex drive.

People Are Talking About It

A number of doctors and psychologists have welcomed the advent of this supplement because of its natural benefits. Be sure to contact your doctor if you are currently on medication.

But otherwise, it is seen by experts and by average women as a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals that promise the same benefits, but with adverse side effects.

What’s The Cost?

Before we get to where to buy Provestra, let’s look at the cost first. The supplement can be purchased at varying prices that are dependent upon the amount ordered. For example, a six-month supply will have savings that are not found in the four-month supply.

Essentially, as the quantity increases so do the savings in the cost.

Usually, the effects of the supplement begin to be evident at about the 30-day mark. Using that as a base, the general rule is that the cost per day of the supplements is about $1. This is pretty inexpensive for the sexual benefits that can be found in a small supplement.

Where To Buy Provestra?

This supplement can easily be ordered online. It can also be found in a select few physical shops, however the prices offered online are often significantly lower than those at physical retailers.

Also, online ordering offers the protection of anonymity for those women that may be embarrassed by purchasing a project that signals their difficulties with libido or sex drive to others.