Smith machine bar weight

Smith system machines are rugged and sturdy. Smith machines are very helpful for the weight lifters that like to work out alone or cannot find a spotter. Smith machines work by adjusting the bar on a pulley system. This type of machine has two advantages; first, it ensures that you hold the correct form during movements. Incorrect form is one of the leading causes of injury.

Second advantage is that the pulley system acts as a spotter when you can set the “bottom” of the movement for each particular individual exercise. The smith machines are hardly built and offer an extremely smooth range of motion, so they greatly enhance you workout. Smith machines are brilliant equipment for both beginners and advance lifters. They give help for beginner users with keeping the correct form, and with more advanced lifters, it helps them concentrate certain muscle groups. There is a wide range of machines in the smith system.

Here is the name of some machines of the smith system which are used in different places of the world. There is the bal attached smith machines, there is heavy duty rollers on it self locking safety pins steel deck plate, 2” sq. tube construction, its size is 57”*83” and it can hold the 189lbs of weight, size is 57” the company gives life time warrantee to its customers. Smith machine with linear bearings is the second category.

There is 4 heavy duty linear bearings, chrome plated carriage travels on two chrome plated polished pillar bars, self locking safety pins, 2” sq. tube construction, weight homes included, jumbo safety hooks, provision to add balance 2610 crossover attachments. It cans carriage weight at to 65 lbs and its size is 57”. The smith machine with gum racks front. There is 4 heavy duty linear bearings, 2” sq. tube construction, deep knurled bar for comfortable lifting, jumbo safety hooks that are included in the machine system, steel deck plate, main frame white finish, jumbo hooks foot plate black finish.

The machine can lift the weight at 65 lbs.The smith machine with balancer available in the market with 2” sq. tube construction, size is 57” the company provides life time warranty. There is the dipping attachment machines having thick hand grips, heavy gauge 2” sq. steel tube, adjustable height from 44” to 53”, size is 25”. The smith system cross over machine is also a very famous weight training machine.

In the features of the smith system cable crossover machine there are:

1. Heavy Gauge 2” Sq. Steel Pillars
2. Heavy Duty Pulleys
3. White Power Coated
4. Oscillating Top
5. Bottom Pulleys Assemblies
6. Chinning Bar Welded To The Front Beam
7. Size Is 27d” And Weight Is 110 Lbs.

There are Pac and lat machines from the smith system. Heavy duty ball bearing pulleys, adjustable seats and its size is 25” and weight is 115 lbs. There is the smith gym system for home user is also available. The above mentioned machines are the used for professional purposes, but the smith gym system is used especially for home users. The design and the structure have been made according to adjustment in home.

The smith machines provide its customers the smith gym system. It can also be used inside home. It is a very smooth system for doing exercise. This device is white powder coated with the size of 91” 380 lbs, 4000 lb, test Aircraft quality cable, heavy duty pulleys