The Six-Pack Guide for ‘Skinnies’ of Both Sexes

Skinny people also want to show their abs.  They got nothing there, no fat at all, yet abdominal sharpness is zero.

We like to get broad shoulders, fuller chest, and bigger arms.  To obtain this, we start on high power weight training, consistency, overload plus a good supply of calories.

What about our abdominals?  Our abdominals are just one of the many muscle groups that need the same care and attention.  Others think that there is a diverse set of methods for abdominals.  To get firmer abdominals, one has to be trained with overload and force.  The following are some how-to’s that can be included in your exercise scheme for a fuller muscular six-pack.

If the reason for your workout is because you wanted to have good-looking abs, then give it a priority.  Do not listen to others who say that it should be the last.  Do not follow what others have started.  You are different from them and what is good for them may not work for you.

Muscle grows more if stimulated frequently.  This is the reason why professional sportsmen are called professionals.  Having trained and conditioned their bodies, they can battle a great deal of stress and capable to train more often.

The frequency in training your abdominals depends on the opposite connection of power and quantity.  The more intense the abdominal training, the more rest is needed.  Less intense training requires more regularity.  If your objective is for rehabilitation, then train more often with lesser loads.  To add densely and muscle to abs, more loads and less frequency is fine.  For maintenance, load and frequency should be average.

Knowing the fundamental movement patterns of your abs is essential to make the training safe and effective.

Truck flexion or upper abs

Hip flexion or lower abs

Rotation or obliques, and

Lateral flexion also known as obliques.

The ‘upper ab’ exercises are the common ab exercises around the trunk you ordinarily read or hear about.  A good example of this is the sit-up.  Most people follow this one motion exercise or the trunk flexion.  However, a 4-day scheme will best help you to get that well-defined and sculpted 6-pack.

The hip flexion exercises:

– reclining hip raise

– slant hip raise, and

– suspended hip raise.

The trunk flexion exercises:

– swiss ball crunch

– weighted swiss ball crunch, and

– weighted cable crunch.

The rotation exercises:

– russian twist

– weighted Russian twist, and

– the weighted cable crossover.

The lateral flexion exercises:

– back extension machine lateral flexion

– medicine ball overhead lateral flexion, and

– medicine ball and twist lateral flexion.

The above exercises can move on from the basic to intermediate and finally to advanced.  It will be wise for you to be adept in the first exercise before starting the subsequent steps.

Once you have all the necessary gears and paraphernalia, you can now embark on building your abdominals which will be the envy of many.